Monday, March 9, 2009


Well, today did not fall into the addictively good category. In fact, today was rather lousy. I'm having trouble adjusting to the hour change and woke up late this morning. I was worried about it being so late and I was feeling tired, so I didn't exercise which just made me feel worse. I didn't get through to many people and I was writing checks, including one for a bill that I hadn't expected at all, so I was getting into that bleeding money feeling again- which is somewhat of an overreaction since I'm holding a check for $5k. Things picked up a bit in the middle of the afternoon and I had a bit of a rythmn going and got some items on my list accomplished, but the majority of the day felt like it was lost. I found out today that Iridesse, the pearl store owned by Tiffany's is closing in a couple of months. They donated a beautiful necklace for our silent auction last year. It is sad to hear that they are closing and the people that will lose their jobs and it was also disappointing since I obviously won't be receiving a donation from a store that doesn't exist anymore.

I hate feeling like this- frustrated, tense and annoyed at my lack of accomplishment today. Negative energy is useless. There was one good thing today- we were contacted last week by a wine distribution company that works with charities to sell wines with their own label- so we would have Project Smile wine. There are no upfront costs for us, so that is good and we aren't stuck with cases of wine to sell. I think it could work out well. I spoke with the rep today- she was helpful, so I'm def. going to look into it further.

I think it is probably best to go to bed and start fresh tomorrow morning. I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed about all the things that I need to get done and I'm also really worried about who we are going to get to sponsor our date auction, anniv. event and calendar. I know that worrying isn't a solution, I need to take action and just start contacting everyone, but I am very concerned about what is going to happen. I wish I had an assistant- tomorrow, I have to pick up an auction item almost an hour away. It's not that big a deal and it is a cool item, so I'm not complaining, but it will be almost 2 hours out of the office and I have so much to do. Wednesday will be the same because I need to drop off the unsold Chara photo, return the auction stands and leave a check with the sports dealer we work with- so that is more time out of the office.

I'm sorry to be such a Debbie Downer tonight- I know I was so happy last night. It is midnite now, so I think I'll skip the grapefruit, switch everything off, write my fresh list and get back into the right time zone tomorrow morning. I need to go back into my baby steps routine and stop thinking about the big picture and concentrate on all the little things that need done in order to get the big picture painted. That has always been my strategy and it has never failed to work. It is OK to have lousy days like this- the important thing is to write it off tonite and do better tomorrow. So until tomorrow friends...

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