Sunday, March 1, 2009


Blogging on a Sunday night- I don't think I've done that in a while. So what's new? Well, I'm battling an earache and feeling kind of crummy, so I'm trying to disrtact myself by blogging. On Friday, I started working on getting auction items for our Anniversary Celebration. I have to work on the date auction too, but didn't get to it on Friday. I'd actually been really nervous about working on getting auction items, I was afraid that I would only get rejections because of the economic situation. I was pleasantly surprised when I ended the day with commitments from two businesses for donations. It really helps to start on a good note. It's funny, but working on obtaining auction items actually gets addictive. There is a certain thrill to the constant hunt and there is a high that comes when you score an item. Of course, it isn't always fun- there's a lot of rejection, a lot of constant follow up, particularly with people that promise items then don't deliver, but the hunt gets addictive. Sometimes, I'll start working on getting auction items and I'll only plan to do it for an hour, but three hours later I'm stil working on it.

There is so much else that I have to write about- there is a lot going on, but I'm not feeling so good and I'm stressing about something else, which is probably making me feel worse. Anyways, until tomorrow friends- when I will hopefully be back to full energy, forgotten about all the stupid things that are stressing me out and doing some absolutely phenomenal fundraising, grant work and everything else. Good night!

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