Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday News

Well, I'm not doing very well on blogging every night recently- sorry about that. So what's new? I finally finished the grant that I've been working on. My priority for today was to finish it, so I'm glad that I got it done. I haven't printed it all out yet, I'm still at the review point. I usually spend a lot of time reviewing the grant- making sure that everything is as good as it possibly can be, that I haven't left anything out, etc. It gets a little nervewracking because there is a lot riding on each grant and it has to be as good as it possibly can. This grant has been a struggle, partly because I hadn't worked on grants in a couple of months, but also because the grant had a 2 page limit and it was really hard to fit all the info onto 2 pages. It required a lot of editing. I'm usually really good about being concise, but this was hard. I don't know how strict they are about the 2 page limit, it might have been fine if it went a paragraph or two onto a 3rd page, but that is a chance that I don't want to take. The page limit is there for a reason and it is probably best to follow it. I was worried about our grant being discarded without even a review if it went onto a 3rd page.

Anyways, enough on that topic. There isn't a lot of new things to report. I wasn't feeling well on Monday and didn't get very much accomplished. Yesterday, I was working on a bunch of things, but didn't have any results. Most of today was working on the grant. A friend of mine who recently lost her job came to help out today. It was great having her here. She worked on merging some auction item lists so that our 2009 auction list is all updated and ready for more action.

I have so much work to do it isn't even funny. I already started working on the anniversary event auction items, but that needs a lot more time. I also have to work on date auction gift certificates and I need to start with the big issue- financial sponsors for both events. I have a really nice date auction sponsorship package that is ready to be sent out. I wrote it, then I called the woman who owns a PR company nearby. We spoke last month and she offered to help review things for me, so I sent it to her last week and she made some helpful changes. It was really nice of her to make the effort to help. I don't have anyone with that experience to help me. It is kind of funny because when I first spoke with her, we got off to a bit of a wrong start. I interpreted what she said as being negative and I wrote about it in my blog. She read the blog and left a comment. I called her the next day and had a really good conversation. She was very supportive of our work and I really enjoyed speaking with her. She offered to help review event material for me when I needed it. It really helps to have someone with expertise in that field to review our material.

Well, I am going to go eat grapefruit. I ran out of grapefruit for a few days, so I couldn't get my nightly fix. I have a bit of a cold, so I really need my grapefruit tonight! I'm kind of craving cheese and stuffed grapeleaves as well, but that definitely doesn't go with grapefruit. Anyways, I'm starting on a food tanget, so I should stop and eat, write my list, finish my grant review and go to bed- ah, such an exciting plan! Until tomorrow friends..

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