Monday, September 28, 2009

Almost There

Only a day and a half to the big event- can you imagine it is finally almost here? I can't really. I don't know what I'm going to do when I don't have auction items to keep following up on. Just kidding- I have a million things that I'm behind on because I've been paying so much attention to our events. Today, I was working on our bid sheets- they are almost done, I still have the sports items left to do and a few others. I'm a little worried because one big ticket item still hasn't arrived. I spoke to the business on Monday and was assured it was coming before our event, so it should be fine, I just wish it was here already. There is one other item that was promised and I haven't received. I spoke with them last week and they said they were sending out the gift certificate last week. It doesn't take that long for a certificate to arrive from the Boston area, so I don't think that will be in the auction. It is annoying though because I have them listed in our program as a donor. It is pretty crappy behavior to promise an auction item and then never deliver. It was small item, so it won't have much impact, but it was still a nice item to include and every dollar raised is important to us.

Today, I picked up some other cool items- 4 tickets to the Claflin Hill Symphony Orchestra (I have never been to a show, but I've always heard people raving about it, so I'm determined to go this year), a $100 Hannaford Supermarket gift card and another $50 one for the raffle, a lovely sewing box and gift certificate and tonight I picked up our Trader Joe's gift bag. Natalie finished our program, it would have been printed today, except that I forgot someone on the donor list and had to wait until Natalie got home to add it in. Tomorrow, I will pick up the programs, pick up our beautiful cake at Konditor Meister, write my speech, finish the bid sheets (I was going to finish them after I blogged, but my eyes are really tired), and tomorrow I'll send some last minute reminders and make some calls to keep reminding people about our event. We are looking OK for attendance, I heard today from some people who I didn't think were coming, but they are. If everyone shows up who has said they would and if people bring the friends they said they would, then we should be OK. I'm really nervous about everything, but I'm trying to stay calm and stayed focused on getting everything taken care of so we can have a smooth and successful event.

Be sure to check out my friend and Project Smile board member, Michelle's blog. I just put a link to it on my blog. Michelle's blog is about supporting a non profit- Project Smile! She is working hard to expand Project Smile in the New Hampshire area. It is a cool blog, so please be sure to keep checking it out.

Well friends, I'm off to bed. It was funny- I ended up going back to work after I finished blogging the last time and didn't go to bed until after 3am. Last night, I was so tired, I was in bed by 12:15- so early. Anyways, until tomorrow friends..

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