Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nice Surprise and Trying to Catch Up

Well, not a lot has changed since my post last week. I'm still really behind on work. Things have been stressful with family issues and I haven't been working the way that I need to be. I am trying to do the best that I can, but it is not enough. I have a lot of work that needs attention. I need to be back in full work mode tomorrow, otherwise it is going to get overwhelming. I'm trying to balance everything that needs to be done, but work has suffered this past week. I know it is OK to take days off and I shouldn't feel so guilty- they are important things that need attention- it's not like I've been goofing off. It is just hard when you're not able to spend the amount of time on things that you need to. I should work more at night, but I've been so tired it is hard to get anything done. Anyways, hopefully tomorrow I will get back to an almost normal schedule.

I did get there was some unexpected good news today- we received a $1,000 donation from Curtiss Wright Controls. They donated to us last year as well- the employees donated at their annual summer event and the company matched their donation. I'm not sure if they did an event this year too, it wasn't mentioned in their letter. I was so happy to get their donation. I totally wasn't expecting it. Ongoing donations like this one are so important. We need to keep getting annual donations and continue to bring in new sponsors in order to really grow financially.

Well, I am hungry and tired. I went to my monthly DWC Providence networking event tonight, it was good as always. It is a really good group of women and I've made a lot of excellent connections. I probably don't need anymore food- I had dinner at home early, went to networking and then came home and finished off my cucumber/yogurt mixture, had some toast and salmon pate (from Ikea- love it!) and then a banana- which is quite an odd combination. Now, I'm craving cheese and a warm French roll. Doesn't that sound delicious? I think I'll heading towards the kitchen in a few- until tomorrow friends...

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