Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Late Night Energy

Well, it is 1:15am and I'm just starting to blog- I got a major energy rush around 11pm and have been going steady- sorting stuffed animals and cleaning. Tomorrow, we're donating stuffed animals to the Christmas in the City program. They provide holiday gifts for homeless and low-income children. There was an article about the organization in today's Boston Globe and it mentioned their need for toys for children. They provide gift for over 1,000 needy kids. I already knew about the program- I had donated a Barbie doll many years ago to their organization- before I even started PS. I always wished I could do more, but money has always been tight. I read the article as I was drinking my morning tea and thought it would be great if we could help by providing stuffed animals. I called and they were very enthusiastic about our donation, so I'm dropping about 200 stuffed animals and a few toys off tomorrow. I'm so glad that we've expanded our holiday donations this year. I wasn't even planning on doing more holiday donations, but it is so touching to read about the good work that group does (and so many others), and it makes me happy that we can help.

I got a nice email today from Morgan Memorial Goodwill, thanking us for our stuffed animal donation. Their party was on Saturday and it was a big success. The coordinator that I dealt with told me that she'd been reading my blog- I love to hear when people read my blog. When I first started, I thought that no one would ever read it. It's pretty cool to think that people actually find it interesting enough to keep reading!

So what else is going on? The major organization/clean up is still underway. I had Amanda, our fabulous intern, working on transferring the info that I had on my old desk calendars onto our excel database. It is really funny to look back at the calendars from when PS just started. They are a really nice momento as well- almost like freezing moments in time. However, now that all the important info has been transferred, I can toss them. It would be nice to keep them for sentimental value, but my office is overflowing and I need to move stuff out. It's also funny to look at how far I've come in learning how to run a business- these last couple of years, I've really grown a lot in terms of being more efficient and organized. There are probably lots of ways I could improve, but I've definitely grown a lot since we first started.

My energy kick is fading fast and my eyes are hurting now. I was going to blog and then get back to work, but I'll just go to bed. I'm really focused on getting things organized for next year- I want to run PS the best way possible and that means starting next year with a clean and organized office, everything from this year finished and a plan laid out for 2010. I know that I'm not going to get my 2010 plan finalized before Christmas, but I need to make some serious progress. I'm also taking a vacation between Christmas and New Years. I'm not going anywhere, but I need to take a real break and chill out for a while. I'd love to go away, but can't afford that. Well, now I'm officially tired and I'm about to start going on a tangent- so instead I'll say good night. Until tomorrow friends..

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Anonymous said...

I just hope you're not getting that 11pm "major energy rush" on a nightly basis. Lol