Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Latest and Greatest

I haven't blogged in a week! I can't believe it has been that long. So what's new? Well, a lot of things have been going on. First of all, I just wanted to share that I spoke with such a nice person today, it really made my afternoon. We have a luxury car rental company that is donating for the date auction and they wanted to park one of their cars outside Gypsy Bar. I called Gypsy today to find out about that and the manager referred me to the valet company who handles all the parking on that block. I left a message at the company- it was a general mailbox and even though I asked for a specific person, I was a little doubtful that they would actually get the message. Within an hour, I received a phone call from the person I had asked to speak with. He was so easy going and pleasant- it was totally refreshing. He even offered to help get some auction items for us. I wish everyone could be as helpful and friendly as he was. It was also great how he called me back so quickly. I make a lot of phone calls during the day and frequently it takes a long time to hear back from people, so when I do hear back promptly, it is great.

We may have a guest speaker for our Anniversary Celebration! It isn't confirmed yet, but hopefully I will know tomorrow, but it does look good. I'll let you know when I hear back. It would be such a relief to have that taken care of. In other good Anniversary news, we have a returning platinum sponsor. Their support brings us 60% towards our sponsorship goal. I have to get back to work on new auction items though, I haven't contacted as many places recently.

We still need more date auction sponsors and unfortunately, I haven't had any new financial commitments, although there are some good leads. I never heard back from the financial services company that I met with weeks ago. I left voicemails and sent emails and haven't heard anything. I'm not sure what happened.

It looks like we will be participating in a singles event in May and getting the proceeds from the ticket sales. I don't have all the details yet, I just got the email this morning. We also have the silent auction coming up at the end of May at Boston Event Guide's wine fest. I would love to get PS involved with other events going on, but that's all we have planned so far.

I can't believe it is almost May- I feel like I'm really behind on things, but I always have that feeling, even when I'm actually well on track. I am so tired right now, I do have lots more to write about, but my eyes are hurting and totally ready to close. I need to write my list, I've been slipping with my list writing lately and I need to get back on track. Until tomorrow friends...

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