Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So what's new? Well, a date auction sponsorship check and an anniversary celebration check arrived today, so that was good news. This week we also received our first donation check from Capital One- we have a Project Smile credit card and receive an initial donation when a person signs up for the card, then we get 1% of their purchases. Thank you very much to those who have signed up for the PS credit card, I really appreciate it! I need to keep promoting it so we can get more people to participate.

I was back at work on auction items today, mostly for the anniversary event. The TV Diner certificate arrived, that is one of our best items. I had intended to work on certificates for the date auction, but I didn't get a lot accomplished. I did follow up with one restaurant company that usually donates and they are sending something this week.

Quick update- I still haven't heard back from the financial services people that I met with last month about sponsoring the date auction. I don't understand what happened. I left another voicemail today, trying to follow up. They said they wanted to sponsor, told me they would let me know by the following Friday, but haven't responded to messages or emails. It would have been nice to at least be told that they changed their mind or if they needed more time- it gets a little frustrating when you keep reaching out and don't get any response.

There are a lot of other things going on, but I am getting so tired. I have been awfully tired lately. It is only 11:45, but it feels like much later. I had all these plans of things that I was going to do when I got home tonight- including catching up on work, but I've only managed to blog- and it isn't exactly my most fascinating blog post. I am going to eat my grapefruit, then make it a really early night and go to sleep. Until tomorrow friends..

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