Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to Work

Well, I'm back to work. I was on vacation in Florida all last week- I had an awesome time. I came home on Monday evening, I was working yesterday, but by the time evening rolled around, I was too tired to blog. I did do a little work last while I was away, but not too much. I have a ton of work to get done now- calendar photos, date auction and anniversary celebration are the priorities. I did have 2 photo shoots scheduled for yesterday, but they were both rescheduled. I did photos in Burlington today and they came out great. The mom put the kids in a low lying tree and their dad (the police officer) stood next to them- I got some really cute photos. It was something that I never would have thought of doing. That is one of my favorite things with the digital camera, being able to look at the photos immediately. My camera, which is only a year old, has been having some issues lately, so I need to bring it into the store and have them take a look at it.

So what else is happening? The lady who is interested in sponsoring the date auction is coming over tomorrow- this is the appointment that got rescheduled from last month. Hopefully, I will have some good news tomorrow to report. We are still a little short on date auction financial sponsors. I did reach out to another potential date auction sponsor who was involved last year. I had already contacted them, but they wanted to wait until the summer before making a decision.

I did get some good anniversary auction items today- WEEI is donating another "Producer for a Day" certificate. That is always a popular item. Whole Foods is going to donate a gift basket which is another good item- they have lots of really nice products, so I'm sure it will be a popular item.

Tomorrow, I'm back to work on more auction items. There are quite a few smaller date auction things that I need to work on too. I also have two photo shoots scheduled- they are both local, so at least I don't have to drive very far.

Anyways friends, that is it for tonight. I think it will be another early night- my eyes are starting to hurt. I picked up a good book while I was away, "The Girl Who Played with Fire" by Stieg Larsson (it is really good), so I was going to read before going to sleep, but that might not be happening. Until tomorrow friends, please wish me good luck with my sponsor meeting in the morning!

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