Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

Well friends, here we are- it is Thanksgiving week. I know that technically Thanksgiving is only a day, but all the build up to it makes it feel like a week long event! Of course, I use that a justification to bake and eat lots of cookies this week and lots of other food too!

So what's new? Well, things are chugging along. Calendar sales have been picking up lately which is a good thing. I've been catching up on work- I didn't get a lot done when I had my cold. I need to send stuffed animals and other items up to Leominster tomorrow for donation to an organization that helps battered women and their children. I also have to get together a lot of coloring books to send to Boston PD. We're running low on boxes, so I need to go to CT next week and pick up some new ones.

To the nice person who commented on our blog recently- about our Santa and Stilettos event- thank you! We do have an official Facebook event page- you can forward the link to invite friends, here is the link:

In good news, the silent auction that we did at wine fest raised $500. I'm happy about that because all we had to do was show up at the event and display at our items. Jeff, who runs Boston Event Guide, invites us to the auction which is really nice of him. It is funny because it took a while for some of the people who won the items to get back to me and I was getting a little concerned- but they called me today and I processed their credit card payments. I'm dropping off two of the items tomorrow in Boston. One guy bought two nice sports pictures.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to eat- possibly a grapefruit and possibly some more delicious Italian bread and cheese- one of my favorites! Until next time friends...

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