Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome November

November is here! Well, it has been here for 3 days, but this is my first November posting. First of all, thank you to the person who left that nice comment on my blog- I really appreciate it. I've been blogging for almost 2 years and I still can't believe that I actually have readers!

So what's new? Well, our donation to Boston Police went great. It had been a while since we donated to them. They are very receptive and we got a great photo that I put on Facebook. It will be on our website too, but that takes a bit longer. We will be doing a lot more donations there in the near future since it is such a large department. I have to buy more coloring books and send them over next week, there was a community officer from one precinct that was particularly in need of them. I need to set up donations with some of the other departments that we haven't donated to in a while. It is hard to stay in touch with everyone when we work with 162 departments.

I was also working on the 2nd Annual Santa and Stilettos event that is coming up (Saturday, December 11). The Hello Stiletto Shoe Club and Reggie B productions are putting the event together and we are the benefiting charity. Melissa sent me some contacts of people who may like to donate for our silent auction at the event. It will be a really fun event- fashion show, complimentary Grey Goose cocktails, live music, performances- and only $20 in advance. I already contacted so many Boston businesses for the date auction, I didn't have too many more that I hadn't already reached out to, so I really needed Melissa's help with fresh contacts. This will be a small silent auction, but that is OK. We don't have to do a ton of work for this event which is great.

Calendar sales are slow- I need to work hard on moving them. Tomorrow, I seriously need to spend significant time responding to emails. I have had a lot of stuffed animal donation emails that I haven't responded to yet. I need to improve my email response system- I know this is an ongoing problem, but I have yet to find a system that works for me. It is a problem that I need to solve because it isn't professional to not respond in a timely manner. There are some emails that I do respond to quickly, but other ones that I look at and because they aren't urgent, I don't respond immediately- I intend to go back, but sometimes that doesn't happen.

Well friends, I am off to write my list for tomorrow- with email being #1. I also want to write our November newsletter- I intended to do that last week and submit a few more web updates. I will make sure and blog tomorrow just so I can report on my email success! I'm also off to eat another mini Snickers (Halloween left over candy- the 2nd best thing about Halloween! Costumes are the best). Until tomorrow friends...

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Henry Myint said...

You certainly do have readers!