Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Latest and Greatest

What a busy week it has been so far and it is only Wednesday. I was searching for an email that I needed to respond to (one of many), I could have sworn that it was sent to me last week and I kept looking for it- only to realize that it was sent on Monday afternoon. It doesn't seem right that we are already past the first full week of March- I feel so behind on all the things I should be working on. I was going to come home tonight after networking and get back to work, but instead I came home, ate leftover pasts and vegged out in front of my TV. I enjoy going to networking events and I've been going to a lot more of them lately, the downside is that they are rather tiring. When I come home, I'm usually too tired to start working again. Tomorrow, I need to follow up with connections and also get back to quite a few other people. I'm still not improving with my email system. There are a lot of emails that I need to catch up on. I need to find an email system that works for me.

Today, I was primarily focused on getting auction items donated for both our events. I have a long list to work through and I need to start making more progress. I also need to find new donors so that we don't always have the same items at our events. It is important to check with the business to make sure that the contact person is still there before I email/fax a donation request over. It is amazing how many people are no longer in the same job. I hate it when I have a really good contact and then that person leaves- helpful people need to stay in their same job forever!

I scheduled two more police department donations for next week- Boston and Quincy. I also sent an email to the DCF coordinator to see if they needed more crayon donations for the Easter baskets that they do for children. We donated 200 packets of crayons last year to DCF. I also need to follow up with some area homeless shelters to schedule donations. There is also a grant that I need to start working on- we are really well suited for this grant. It doesn't seem like a particularly complicated grant either which is good.

There is so much to do, I wish I had an assistant. That is a bit of a pipe dream though since I can't afford to hire anyone. I wish I could find someone who wouldn't mind working for free, at least part time, but it is hard to find reliable, committed people who would like to help.

Anyways, enough on that topic. I'm going to write my list and head to bed. I went to bed a little earlier last night and I felt more energetic this morning, so I'm going to try that again. I have so many things that I need to do tomorrow, especially since I didn't finish up anything tonight. Until tomorrow friends..

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