Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday's Tales

I was almost not going to blog tonight, I have a headache and I'm really tired. I rarely ever get headaches, but this one has been going on and off since mid afternoon. I was going to go straight to bed, but it didn't feel right not to blog. I don't even having anything special to say though! One of the best things that happened today was that I reconnected with a lady who was a manager at a Boston jewelry store. I had met her through a Shoe Club event and then she became involved in Project Smile and was so helpful. The store closed a couple of years ago and I lost touch with her. A few days ago, I was wearing a necklace that my sister bought me from the store and I was thinking about what a nice store that was and wondering what happened to the people that worked there. This afternoon, I was working on auction items. I was going through Boston Magazine, looking at the companies that advertised- I do that to get ideas for places to contact for donations. I saw an ad for a jewelry store near Boston and decided to call them. It turned out the manager was the same lady who managed the Boston jewelery store. She came on the phone and I was so happy to talk to her. We're going to meet on Monday to talk about working together on an event. It was so great to reconnect with her.

I did some more research for new auction item donors and found some really good potential donors that I reached out to. I got commitments from two businesses for auction items. One of them is a well known Boston dance studio and the other is a vineyard. I was mostly focused on the date auction today. I was also reaching out to date auction sponsors. I contacted some new companies that would be a good fit for our event. I don't have any news yet obviously, but hopefully will have some soon- especially with our revamped date auction sponsor packet! Tomorrow, I want to get back to working on the anniversary event sponsors and I need to get a speaker for the event. I need to focus on that more so we can get that out of the way.

Well, that's it for tonight. My headache is actually getting a little better, so I'm definitely glad that I blogged. I am off to write my list and go to sleep- no more eating tonight. I already snacked on left overs, cheese and a bit of chocolate! Until tomorrow friends..

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