Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Latest and Greatest

So what's happening? Well, I received a nice surprise on Friday. I had contact a large local auto dealership, Imperial Auto, about sponsoring our Anniversary Celebration. They had donated in the past and last year, they supported at the $250 level. I went to the post office on Friday and there was an envelope from Imperial- it looked like it contained a check. As I opened, I kept hoping that they decided to increase their sponsorship this year. Now keep in mind, our highest sponsorship level for this event is $550. I opened the envelope and there was a check for $1,000! How often does it happen that you ask for a certain amount and receive almost double? Practically never. I was so happy. One of our sponsors can only do half what they contributed last year, so this more than makes up for the difference. It is great when you get good news that you don't expect. Today, I received another unexpected $200 donation from an organization as well. The revenue has been slow lately, so it is good that we are getting some more donations in recently.

Today, I donated to the Ware Police and Fire departments. We had donated to the fire department a couple of years ago, but the donation to the Ware Police department was our first. That donation marked our 163rd department that we have donated items to. I needed to buy some more coloring books and it worked out well because there was a Family Dollar right in Ware. I cleaned out their supply of 2 for $1 coloring books. The cashiers always ask what the coloring books are for- it is a little unusual to see one woman buying 50 coloring books at a time!

Well, this is going to be a short blog- I'm really tired and I'm going to write my list and go to sleep. I wanted to read for a bit, I was going to start reading Cold Mountain, but my eyes are hurting. There is so much that I want to work on tomorrow, I need to be energetic. I keep trying to go to bed earlier, but so far, it isn't working very well. Until tomorrow friends...

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