Thursday, April 21, 2011


Good news today- the Boston Firefighters Association is back on board to help us recruit single fire fighters for the date auction. The Association is a huge help in getting fire fighters involved, so it means a lot to have their support again. We are one step closer to pulling our event together and I'm relieved. The fire fighters always do really well at the date auction, so it is important that we have a good turnout of single fire fighters participating.

I went to a networking event in Boston last night and met two women that worked for a local travel media company. They were really excited about the date auction, I emailed the info to them this morning and they are going to work on getting their company involved by sending a group of volunteers and recruiting some of the employees to be auctioned off.

I hosted a Shoe Club event tonight in Boston and met a woman who works for a company that I had been trying for a couple of years to get involved with the date auction as a sponsor. I was telling her about the event and she said she would help get the info to the right person. It would be a great fit for this company, so I hope it works out this time. We still have a ways to go with event sponsorship- that is one of my major goals.

Yesterday, we did another donation to Brockton Police of coloring books/crayons and reading books. The Captain that I met was telling me about the grants that Brockton received to help follow up with children who have been involved in abuse situations, witnessed crime or victims of other crimes. The police visit the family along with a social worker or sometimes a clergy person and meet with the child and parents to see how the child is doing and find ways to help. It sounds like such a great program and can help make a difference. It's a shame that every large department isn't able to have this same program.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to eat clementines, write my list and read- I just started a wonderful book that my sister recommended, Little Bee. I had to put Cold Mountain back on the shelf after this book came in at the library. I've only read about 35 pages, but I'm definitely recommending it to others! Until next time friends...

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Chris Vrotsos said...

Hi Catherine,

I gave big kudos about your blog to my Twitter and linkedin account a couple of days ago. I am really impressed with our writing style: somehow you manage to remain detailed in your progress AND heartfelt!

I'll be sure to Tweet the news about the Boston Firefighters Association!

Chris Vrotsos

Twitter: @cpvmedia