Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Happenings

I can't believe April is coming to an end, it seems like just yesterday I was writing about the beginning of April. I have to start working on getting sponsors lined up for our 2012 calendar. I also need to pick up the pace on getting sponsors for the date auction. I was at a networking event tonight in Boston to work on finding sponsors. I met some people who expressed interest about being involved. I have to follow up with them in the morning. The hard part is that a lot of times people will say that they want to be involved, then you send the info and try to follow up and never hear anything- that part is rather frustrating. I think our event is an awesome fit for everyone that I've approached, I just need them to feel the same way too! At tonight's event, someone mentioned that old phrase: "if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life." I've never believed that. I love what I do, but I work very hard to get results. I think that most people who love what they do still have to work hard at it. Being successful doesn't come easy. It is the result of a lot of patience, hard work and determination. It is important to love what you do, but that doesn't mean it won't be hard work.

In other news: I mailed the grant that I was working on the other day. It always is such a good feeling when I march that yellow envelope into the post office and send it away- a feeling of satisfaction and happy anticipation of the good news that may come. I haven't started work on the other grants yet. I was also working on following up with a lot of police departments that I hadn't followed up with in a while. I didn't get through to anyone today, it seems a lot of people are away on vacation this week.

Well friends, I think that's it for tonight. I was going to work on emails, but I'm really tired and going to sleep. I still haven't solved my email issue, but I did get to sleep earlier last night and felt better this morning. I'm heading to bed earlier tonight too. I have a networking lunch tomorrow, then I have to head over to Braintree to pick up auction items for the silent auction that we're doing at WineFest on Saturday. I think I'll have some yogurt and strawberries before I go to sleep. Until tomorrow friends...

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