Tuesday, July 19, 2011

400th Blog Posting!

Well, this is a milestone- my 400th blog posting! I wish I had something epic to share to mark the moment- perhaps a million dollar donation? We did receive a $500 from a local bank today. We had asked for $3,000. This is the first time I approached this bank, so I'm glad that they donated something- every donation helps. It was disappointing that they weren't able to do a larger donation, but at least they were able to contribute. This seems to be a bit of a pattern- ask for $3,000 and receive $500. Perhaps I should ask for $10,000 so we can get $2,500. I haven't done any grant writing this week, so I need to get working on that tomorrow.

What else is going on? I was at the police academy recruiting bachelors for our date auction- always a tough job, but someone has to do it! Just kidding of course, it is a great time to go up there and recruit. I signed up four bachelors which was good. Tomorrow, I need to follow up with more of the people that have signed up, but still haven't sent in their info yet for the program and our website. I also need to work on getting more gift certificates donated for the couples to use on their date.

Calendar photos are coming out great. It is always fun doing the photos. We are at about the half way point right now. We have some new families in it as well which is really good. I still have some more calendar ads to take care of- that is going on tomorrow's list too.

Well, I think that's it for tonight. I know this was not exactly the most exciting blog post, especially not for a 400th blog post! I'm off to eat some cherries and maybe watermelon too. Summer fruit is the best. Until tomorrow friends...

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