Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Happenings

So what's been happening in the week since I blogged? Well, I got a cold last week and didn't feel very good- so a lot of work was not accomplished on Thursday and Friday. Things are back on track this week. I did another calendar photo shoot today with the family that volunteered at our Anniversary Celebration last year. They are back to help out again as well- they staffed the registration table and did a phenomenal job. I got such good feedback on their help from people who attended. There are two girls and two boys in the family- they all were in the pictures. The photos came out very cute. Tomorrow morning, I have another photo shoot scheduled with a little boy who was in the calendar last year. I've been working on lining up some more photos. Tomorrow, I need to follow up with some other departments.

I met with the event planning company again on Tuesday to discuss the special race that we want to do next year. The event is a lot more expensive than any of other events that I've done before, but it is an event that requires professional help and there are expenses that can not be avoided. It has a lot of potential for exposure and fundraising, although for the first year I'm not planning on it raising a ton of money. It is a unique event and it is one that if we don't do it, someone else will be doing it pretty soon in Boston. I want it to happen, the issue is finding the right sponsor to get on board and support the event. There is a company that would be a perfect fit and has already expressed interest, but I need to get all the details together before I can present them with our proposal. It is a lot to work on, but I know it will be worth it.

Tomorrow, I need to follow up with people who have promised gift certificates but haven't sent them in yet, particularly for the date auction. I also need to work on getting more auction items for our anniversary event. I need to follow up with some of the people who have signed up for our date auction, but haven't submitted their info yet. I've noticed this more last year than in the past- people will send me an email saying they want to participate in the auction, I email them back promptly with the details and info that I need from them for the program and marketing, then I never hear from them. I've sent follow up emails and still no reply. I'm not sure why someone would volunteer to sign up, then never respond. It's rather annoying because it wastes my time.

Well friends, that's it for tonight. I'm off to eat some more delicious cherries, read for a bit and write my list. I should go and clean my office as well, but I'm rather tired. Until tomorrow...

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