Friday, January 13, 2012

Thursday's Findings

So what happened today? Nothing! Well, that's not true. Things are moving along. We had our donation of over 200 stuffed animals, books and coloring books/crayons to Worcester PD. We've been working with Worcester PD since Project Smile first started.

Bulldog Gin is the official hard liquor sponsor for our upcoming spring fashion show. I also connected with a local brewery which is really interested in being involved with the event too. I've been reaching out to wine companies as well, I don't have any commitments yet for that. I think it would be great to offer guests complimentary cocktail, wine and beer. I also reached out to a dessert company today. Christine is going to help get a chocolate vendor. Popchips are coming to the event as well to give samples of their awesome chips. I really want the event to have a great selection of food/drinks. We had great buzz going from the fall event, so we need to keep kicking it up.

Our backdrop is heading to the printer most likely tomorrow. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to see it. I hope we got the sizing of the logos right- the back drop is 8ft x 8ft and I'm working from an 8.5 x 11 page when I see the proof. It only takes ten days, so we will have it in plenty of time for our Feb. 9 Smiling Stiletto event.

It turns out that the grant I thought was due on January 31 isn't due until April 30, so that gives me plenty of time. I want to get it submitted this month. It isn't very complicated and there is no reason to delay. I wanted to work on it today, but I spent a lot more time reaching out to event vendors that I originally intended. It takes a lot of time to research vendors, contact them, fill out forms, etc.

I chose the new image for our Date Auction event flier/marketing- I spent well over an hour the other night browsing through Istock images. There are thousands of images to choose from, but it was really hard to choose the right image. There is so much that goes into it- the right age of the people in the image, the right look- not too sexy, not too boring, not a dancing image (there were a ton of those), the right background, not too romantic, something that would appeal to men and women- fun, engaging. We usually do an image of a couple, but the one I choose is a small group image with very good looking (but not overly good looking guys/girls). Lisa, our designer, gets the image and formats it into the event flier. It should be on our website next week.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to bed- I haven't gone food shopping, so I don't have any grapefruits! I did have a couple of clementines, but they were kind of dry and not so great. I watched Moneyball tonight with Brad Pitt and loved it. I definitely recommend it. Until next time friends...

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