Monday, July 9, 2012

Polly Progress

Well, today was a day of progress- a little bit of everything (except grants) got worked on. I had a list of 13 items to work on and I managed to get through 12 of them (the grant was the exception), so that was really good. A lot of days, I get to barely half the items.  The trick to getting through your list is to write super easy tasks (ex. 1. turn on computer, 2. check Facebook, 3. look at email...) Just kidding- those are not really on my list!

One of the main goals today was following up with people- I was following up with date auction sponsors and also people that had signed up to be auctioned off, but hadn't sent in their complete info yet. I was also working on getting more calendar photo shoots scheduled. On the disappointing calendar news, it looks like another month might need an entirely new sponsor. I already knew that I had 1 1/2 months left to fill, but I'm not sure what is happening with this other sponsor- it doesn't look that good. I emailed a new potential calendar sponsor late this afternoon and left a voicemail. I have another potential sponsor I am going to reach out to in the morning. I need help with getting more calendar sponsors on board.

I spoke with one of the date auction bachelors this morning about cross promotion with the radio station that he works with. He was featured in the dating column in the Boston Globe magazine and I had reached out to him on FB to see if he wanted to participate in our event- I had a feeling that he would be a good candidate. It turns out that he also knows one of the other bachelors being auctioned off. It is such a small world! It's only in the early stages for the cross promotion, so I don't have any details yet. The radio station is also involved with NECN- the channel which our hosts work for, so it is a really good tie-in.

I made a lot of progress late last week with one of our big grants. Tomorrow, I will review the grant, make some final updates and then submit it. I also have two other grants that I need to start working on.

There seems to be a lot of turnover lately with some of the people that I work with on events. The lady at Sofft Shoes emailed me this morning to let me know that she is leaving- she has been great to work with. The marketing director at one of the malls that we're having a fashion show fundraiser at soon left her job last week. I spoke with the marketing assistant today to check-in about the event and everything looks good. I emailed her all the photos of the ladies that will be modeling so they can pair them up with the retail stores. It looks like they are going to be having some cool stores involved in the show. The marketing assistant is also going to be one of the bachelorettes that will be in our auction!

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to watch Headlines on Leno, eat some more cherries, write another extensive list for tomorrow, read some more of the last Hunger Games and head to bed at a decent hour. Here's hoping for an equally productive day tomorrow. Until tomorrow friends...

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