Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reaching Goals

Well, we hit a good mark today- we have reached our sponsorship goal for the Date Auction and we also reached our goal for ladies to be auctioned off. Of course, I still keep working on obtaining new sponsors and there are some others that I'm waiting to hear back from, but it means that almost all of the cost to produce the event is now covered. That is always a big relief.

I emailed out the date auction recruiting flier to our PS database yesterday. We've had a lot of ladies sign up over the last few days. It is a really nice group of women- very pretty and from a variety of backgrounds. We auction off 20 ladies- some times a bit more, but I always have even more on the list because we always lose a couple before the event. Pretty soon, I will have to start a wait list as well. I always get nervous because for the longest time, I have only a few people signed up, but then the ball gets rolling and before you know it, the list is full. When it comes to getting the guys signed up, it is a different story! It has always been the same way- the ladies sign up months ahead of time, send in all their info and are good to go. A lot of the guys take a really long time to send in their info and it takes a while to even get them signed up. It has always worked out in the past, but I go through the same thing every year. I still get really anxious even though I keep reminding myself that it is always the same way.

We're getting closer to our sponsorship goal for the Anniversary Celebration, but we are still a little short. I reached out to other sponsors today who have been involved in the past and I need to work on reaching out to some more new sponsors. I've been working on auction items too, but definitely need to get more.

Things are moving slower with calendar ads, although I was given two new potential sponsors to reach out to and I contacted two other potential sponsors. The month that I was concerned about on Monday definitely needs a new sponsor- so that leaves 2 1/2 months that need sponsorship. The calendar heads to print in August, so there is not a lot of time left. I really need help with getting these done. I did photos at Upton Fire today of a fire fighter and his ten year old son- they looked so much alike. The boy wants to be a fire fighter just like his dad. I think I got some really good photos. I actually only have a few more departments to photograph, so that is good.

In good news, I found a grant tonight that we can apply for from a local store which our efforts fit perfectly into. I need to get working on that soon. I would love to have more help with all of the things that need to get done, it is so challenging to get to everything.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to write another lengthy list for tomorrow. I don't know what the heck I was doing when I was writing my list last night- I wrote repeated two tasks twice on the list. I guess that is another way to quickly get through a list- write the same task down a few times, so when you did it once, you can check it off multiple times! Until tomorrow friends...

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