Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Busy Days

So what's the latest? Busy days over here! We got our Date Auction photos- they came out great. Our photographers, David Fox and Walter Smith, did an awesome job. Above is one of my favorites- BSSC was giving away sunglasses at their sponsor table. Here is one of my favorites from the crowd and a photo of some our bachelors and one of our bachelorettes.
 Here is the link to the rest of our photos.

Things are shaping up well with the Anniversary event. I've mailed all the invitations that needed to get sent out and I've posted it in the Meet Up groups that I'm involved with. I've been considering doing some paid online marketing for the event. There is a well known website that can target an email blast to 10,000 members in the greater Milford area for a very reasonable rate, so I think I will go with that. We need to reach as many people as possible for this event and since this advertising is affordable, I think it will be a good idea.

I picked up a beautiful Pandora bracelet for the live auction today. It is even prettier than the one they donated last year. The Legacy Place store has been very supportive of Project Smile for the past couple of years. I've also been working on following up with people that promised auction items. I've scheduled some pick-ups and still have more people that I'm trying to reach.

It is so important to have a good subject line in your email blasts. I try to make an effort with mine and I think I do a pretty good job, but there are always ways to improve. I received an email today from an organization which does shopping events for women. I've been to their events and similar ones in the past which have been helpful for finding sponsors. I hadn't been planning to attend their latest event, but I got an email today with such a catchy subject line: "We Want You Back at (name of event). The line really caught my attention, so I opened it. They were also doing a really good promo, so I decided to buy the ticket. It inspired me to work on a new subject line for our Smiling Stiletto fashion show fundraiser which is happening next week. We sent the email invitation a few times already and I was planning on sending it again tomorrow anyways, so tonight I spent some time working on a new subject line to grab people's attention even more.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to read for a bit- I'm reading a good mystery by Ian Rankin. I also have to catch up with some emails. I should spend some time organizing my office which is looking like a small tornado touched down. It has improved though- yesterday, it was resembling a much larger tornado. Until tomorrow friends...

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