Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Busy Donation Day

Well, today was a busy day. We donated to our newest department- Medford PD in the morning. This is our 181st department to participate in our program, which is pretty exciting. I met two detectives who work with the domestic violence unit and the Chief. They were very enthusiastic about our program. It is great when you meet with people who really understand and appreciate what we're doing and how important it is to have these items for children. Here is a photo from our donation.

After Medford, I zoomed up to Haverhill to donate to the PD. I don't know how this happened, but my excel list has a mistake on it- our past donation to Haverhill PD isn't listed, so I thought this would be a new department. I started having deja vu when I got to the police station, then I started to head over to a Family Dollar that I had googled last night and realized that I had definitely been there before. I checked my list of participants on our website when I got home and we have donated to Haverhill before. So, there will be no 182nd department to add to our list today!

I need to email the lady at Build-a-Bear and send her some of the photos from our recent donations because they have their teddy bears in them. I'm sure she would love to see photos of the bears in action.

By the time I got back this afternoon, I didn't have much time before I had to head to Attleboro for the Board meeting before our monthly networking dinner. It was a good meeting as always. I was going to catch up on some other things when I came back, but now I'm too tired. On that note, I'm off to eat one more slice of multi-grain bread with some Gouda cheese and tabouleh. I detoured to my all-time favorite grocery store after my Medford donation today- Market Basket in Chelsea- and loaded up on some good bread. They have an amazing bakery section (the whole store is pretty amazing). Until tomorrow friends...

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