Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Happenings

Happy Monday friends! So what's new? This morning, I was down in Bridgewater to do another donation to the Police department. It had been quite a few years since our last donation. Here is a photo from Bridgewater. We donated over 85 stuffed animals, books and coloring books/crayons.

In excellent Date Auction news- we have our co-host! Melissa, the morning DJ on the new Hot 96.9 FB Boston will be cohosting along with Michael Winter. 96.9 is a new station that I've been listening to all the time in the car- it plays a great mix of new hits and some old favorites. Melissa is really excited to be hosting and I think she and Michael will do an awesome job together. Hopefully, we also be working out some cool promotions for the Date Auction with the station. I'm happy that we have our hosts selected for the event. That is such a key part to the event's success. 

Tonight, I went to an awesome event- it was a meet & greet for the Boston Bloggers group. I've been a member of the FB group for a while and decided to check out their mixers which happen every few months. I'm so glad that I went. I was so impressed with how friendly and outgoing everyone was. I've been to a lot of networking events over the years and this group was a lot more welcoming and sociable than a number of the networking events that I've attended. It is really cool to see how vibrant the blogging community is and have the opportunity to meet so many bloggers. I'm looking forward to their next event.

Well, there's lots more to write about- but I'm really tired. I'm off to Lowell tomorrow for another donation to the police department. Until tomorrow friends...

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Jodi said...

So glad I met you last night. This is such an awesome organization! I wish it hadn't been so loud at the event so we could have chatted more. Like I mentioned I'm a social worker and have worked w/ DCF clients in the past.

On another note - I saw that you went to the Franklin Rotary Club and that is where I grew up!

We'll have to chat more soon about the work you are doing. I would love to hear more.