Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Week and a Day

Well, guess who is feverishly counting down until Sept. 20 (aka Date Auction night)? Me! Guess who is also feverishly checking ticket sales and comparing them to where we were at the same point last year? Me! In good news, we are still on track for ticket sales compared to last year. That is always a relief. I emailed all of our bachelors/ettes today with the details and event break-down. It is a very detailed email, but it is important to give the participants all the information so they know exactly what to expect at the event. I also asked them to keep helping spread the word and bring their friends. When they signed up, they were asked to commit to bringing  5 guests with them to the event. That is one of the best forms of marketing.

I picked up the Improper Bostonian which has our second Date Auction ad in it. The ad was perfectly placed on the same page that listed nightclub events in the city. It is a half page ad and looks awesome. I'm still in shock that they donated two ads to us. That was really amazing. I mailed a card to the publisher yesterday to thank her again for donating the ads.

The Sofft shoes gift cards and display shoes arrived along with the cards for the gift bags. Sofft also gave me a pair of shoes to wear for the event. I chose the Mya- which is an elegant oxford style shoe in gray suede. They are really comfortable and they look so darn cute on. I didn't want to take them off. Here is the link to the shoes.

Sofft has given me a pair of shoes to wear for almost every event. They are very generous. Last year, I wore  a pair of green suede pumps with an ankle strap. I wore them a lot during the year. I'm excited to wear these shoes after the event as well. They will go with a lot of outfits.

Well, I'm going to get back to work- I was working on organizing the gift certs. for the 'couples'. I started doing the bid sheets for the silent auction. I want to get those all done tomorrow so it is one less thing to think about next week.
Until next time friends.. please keep wishing us many Date Auction ticket sales!

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