Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Love Story

Well friends, I am happy to report that we have another Date Auction love story! A couple met in our 5th Annual Date Auction in 2011 and married this summer! LeWuan was one of three Coast Guard members that we auctioned off that year. Maryellen was a guest and she was actually outbid for a date with LeWuan. Despite that, they got together and it was happily ever after! I found out from a girl who is also in the Coast Guard who signed up to particpate in this year's Date Auction. We were emailing back and forth and she told me that she went our event in 2011 to support her Coast Guard friends that were in the auction. She also told me that LeWuan married the woman he met at the event. I emailed LeWuan to confirm and ask if he could send a photo over that we could share. I didn't hear anything for a few weeks and had actually forgotten about it, but LeWuan emailed me today to confirm that they met at our event and he sent me a photo of them both. Here it is ladies and gentlemen... our second Date Auction marriage!
I'm so happy that our event was able to bring them together. It is really something that we've had 2 marriages from our event. It helps give another meaning to the name Project Smile! I emailed our hosts to let them know and I also emailed Karson and Kennedy who hosted the event that year to let them know that one of the couples got married. I thought they would like to know as well. I submitted it to our web host, so it should be on our website tomorrow.

In other news, I picked up our Date Auction programs today. They look great. Tomorrow, I am picking up our Step & Repeat that was donated to us. I can't wait to see it. Step and Repeats are the back drops that people take photos of in front of events. This will be our first time having one that is just for Project Smile. I have one that Smiling Stiletto and Project Smile on it. I'm going to set it up and take photos in front of it tomorrow!

Well, I'm off to finish this grant that I've been making excellent progress on. I also need to send Lisa the updates for our 10th Anniversary invitation, but I'm getting tired so that might have to wait until tomorrow morning. Until tomorrow friends... please keep wishing me happy ticket sales!

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