Monday, September 16, 2013

Home Stretch

Well friends, here we are- we've hit the home stretch. We just have 4 days to go until our biggest fundraiser! I am full of butterflies. It doesn't seem quite real that it is actually here. All this work, all the stress, everything that needs to come together and it will all come down to 3 hours on a Friday night. It is amazing how you work so hard for what will be just a brief moment in time. That's what Olympic athletes do all the time. Almost a lifetime of work comes down to a few minutes performance. Not that I'm comparing myself to an Olympic athlete! 

We are in good shape for Friday. Our second email blast to everyone who opened last week's email from Boston Event Guide is going out tomorrow morning. One of our bachelors who works for talk radio invited me to call-in to the station on Wednesday afternoon to talk about the event. I love speaking on the radio. Melissa from 96.9 said she would talk about it on-air during the week as well, which is great. I sent another email blast to our PS base on Friday and I'll send another on Wednesday morning. The good thing is that I'm doing everything possible with our marketing- it has even increased from last year.

Tomorrow, I'm heading over to Staples in Watertown to pick up our event programs- then I can hopefully stop dreaming about having a Date Auction without any programs. It is a bit of a drive to that Staples, but I know the manager from when she worked in our local store. She is really nice, gives a good deal on our jobs and things get done properly. I stopped going to my local Staples for big printing jobs because I had some bad experiences in their print department.

Well, I'm off to work on a grant that I want to get done this week. I also need to do a final proof of our PS calendar this week and I need to send updates to Lisa so she can get the print version of our 10th Anniversary paper invitation done. It's a busy week! Until tomorrow... please keep wishing me happy ticket sales! 

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