Thursday, November 14, 2013

Donation Day

Greetings friends! So what's new? Today, I dropped off over 200 stuffed animals, books and coloring books/crayons to Morgan Memorial Goodwill for their annual children's holiday party. We've been partnering with them and donating items for the past few years. We don't have a Christmas event of our own, so I'm happy that we can make the extra donation and help with their party. They do a lot of great work in the community to help those in need. Their party makes me miss the Halloween/Child Safety event that we did in Worcester from 2004-2008. It was an awesome event that was attended by over 700 people annually. It was low cost and gave families the opportunity to do a fun and affordable activity that was also educational. I wish we could do the event again, but it is too much work for me to do on my own and our fall is already really busy with the Date Auction, fall fashion show and Anniversary Celebration. Affordable and fun community events are so important, especially in economically depressed areas. If we had more resources, I would love to do more events like that. Here is a photo from today's donation.
It looks like we will be donating again for the Boston Public Health Commission's family shelter holiday party. I emailed my contact to check in with him and he is going to get back to me next week to talk about a date for the event. I'm really happy to help with that event. It was so touching last year and we can definitely do more this year for the children.

Tomorrow, I'm focusing on calendar sales and following up with more departments for stuffed animal donations. I also need to make some more progress in cleaning up my office- it has been getting a lot better now that auction items have cleared out and events are done, but it still needs attention. On that note, I'm off to read for a bit, write a few more thank-you notes for donations that came in recently and eat my grapefruit. Until next time friends...

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