Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Good News

Greetings friends! So what's shaking? Well, in good news- we have a photo booth vendor on board for our Date Auction. It is actually the same vendor who did our event last year- Gregory Polite, owner of Boston Mojo Photo Booth. Greg reached out to me last year and offered his services which was pretty awesome. Photo booths are always popular at events. I reached out to Greg earlier this year about participating in this year's Date Auction, but he thought that he had another event booked. I had put the word out on social media last week looking for a photo booth vendor, but hadn't heard back from anyone. Greg called me this afternoon and said he was available. I was really happy about that. We're going to put his logo on our marketing material and recognize him on our event webpage. Greg did a great job at our event last year- it was a pleasure to have him as part of our event.

In other good news, it looks like we have one more food vendor on board for the Date Auction- an Italian restaurant in the North End. My friend Olga who is also modeling in the show, has a connection with the restaurant and helped get them on board to serve some delicious appetizers.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be sending a box of stuffed animals, books and coloring books out to the Hometown, Illinois police department. One of the corporals emailed me a few days and asked for a donation of items for the children that they encounter. When I first read the email quickly on my phone, I thought that it was a joke- Hometown doesn't sound like it is a real town- it is just too perfect a name. However, it is a real town and it will become our first donation to Illinois. I wish I could deliver them out there in person so I can take a photo in front of the Hometown Police Department. I love it when departments from across the country reach out to us. It is expensive to ship, but I'm always happy to send a few boxes.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to eat my grapefruit and clean up my office- it is starting to look a wee bit like a mini tornado blew through it. Until tomorrow friends...

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