Friday, March 7, 2014

Not the Best of Days

Well friends, I was about to go to bed without blogging, but that didn't seem right. It's already after 12:30, so this should be a quick blog. So what's new? Well, these past few days haven't been the best of days. I've been on the fast train to getting nowhere and I don't like it. I've been focusing on getting auction items, sponsors and vendors and not making any progress. It's hardly anything new, I deal with this all the time, but usually it's not two bad days in a row and I usually can let the rejection roll right off me. Lately, it's been harder. Fundraising is a rough business- you constantly deal with people that are unresponsive or simply don't want to help. For every positive response that you get, there has been at least ten rejections- which includes people that just never get back to you. There is no easy answer- you just keep working and pushing the cause- a lot of it is about sheer persistence. But sometimes it gets discouraging. I reached out to one business today and asked about a gift certificate donation- the woman asked me to email over a donation letter, which I did. An hour later, she responds back that the business isn't going to be doing any more charitable donations this year. I don't understand why she couldn't have just said that on the phone and save me the time of emailing over a personalized donation letter.

I'm not trying to be all whining- every job has it's stresses and difficulties. I've been going through this for 10 years, so I should be used to be it by now. But it's a little like getting a bad cold- you know you don't feel good when you get a cold, but forget exactly how bad it feels until it hits again. The mind has a wonderful way of forgetting. My mom used to tell me that one forgets how bad childbirth pain is- that's what enables one to want to give birth to more children.

Anyways friends, tomorrow I get back to it and keep chugging- because that's what I do. You let the bad days go because the days that are good make it all worth it. Here's hoping for some good days to come and lots (or at least a sufficient amount) of donations! Until next time friends...

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