Thursday, March 13, 2014

On the Upside

Well friends, I'm happy to say that we have 2 new Date Auction sponsors on board. I found both sponsors through social media. I'm constantly researching and paying attention to companies and businesses that would be good partners for our events. I reached out to two this afternoon and they both promptly jumped on board, which I am very happy about. One of the companies also wants to have one of their bachelor employees participate in the auction. It is great when they get additionally involved like that. In other good news, we now are at the half way point for getting gift certificates donated for the Date Auction couples to use on their date. We're also getting some cool auction items as well for the silent auction.

We're looking for a photo booth vendor for the Date Auction. I posted that on FB today and got a number of recommendations for potential vendors. I emailed all of them today, so hopefully, I'll hear back soon and get a photo booth vendor on board for the event. Social media is such an important tool for getting the word out and finding new supporters. I know it is still relatively new, but I can't imagine promoting Project Smile without it.

What a difference a week makes- last week was a struggle, feeling like I wasn't getting through to donors and not making sufficient progress. It is so important to just buckle down and keep chugging along. Things will always pass. The good days don't last forever, but on the flip side- the rough days don't last forever either. You simply need to hold on, keeping taking those baby steps and things will be fine. I've been doing that for the past 10 years and it's always worked.

On that note friends- I'm off to watch the second Hunger Games movie- I took a break from it so that I could get my blog done before it got too late and I was tired. This movie is awesome, just like the book! Until next time friends...


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