Thursday, July 24, 2014

Latest and Greatest

Greetings friends! Well, I've been doing pretty badly with blogging lately- I need to get back on track. So what's new? Well today, I was a guest on the Colin McEnroe show which is on the Connecticut NPR affiliate. They were doing a show about stuffed animals and they invited me to be on the show to talk about our program and the difference that a stuffed animal makes for a child who has been through a traumatic events. It was a nice interview and I was really happy that they included us. I love doing radio interviews and it is particularly great that we've now been on NPR! I will have a clip from the show put on our website soon.

The end of the month is approaching and I'm getting nervous. It means that the Date Auction is rapidly approaching. We're in a good shape for the event, but it is always so nerve wracking. The main push now is to recruit some more fun and outgoing bachelors/ettes. We've already recruited some good ones, but definitely need more. I'd love to get some prominent Bostonians as well. Right on the heels of the Date Auction is our fall fashion show and then right after that is the Anniversary Celebration. Ah, so many events! If  you think about it all it gets very overwhelming- so I try not to do that. I break every day down into small tasks, otherwise it is so overwhelming it can be hard to make any progress. There are also grants that I need to work on as well.

Well, there's lots more to write about but I'm getting tired and can't think of anything. Watermelon is calling my name from the kitchen, so I'm heading that way... Until next time friends...

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