Monday, February 4, 2008

Hooray for the Underdog

So the Giants won last night- a fact that has nothing to do with the goal of this blog, except for the fact that it was a truly remarkable feat and perhaps one of the best examples of the underdog achieving success. Most people can appreciate the underdog who, despite all odds, makes it. I always thought I did, but then things started to change when I started Project Smile and now I have more respect and understanding for the underdog than I ever could have imagined.

Is Project Smile an underdog in the non profit world? Definitely. It is through grit, sheer determination and some good help that we have even made it this far. And it will take a whole lot more grit, determination and help to get us to become a national charity. I have been wonderfully lucky in that I have a supportive family, particularly my mom who always is so encouraging. But there are others, who are less than supportive and have made a few comments, indirectly, to that point. Those comments don't bother me. However, it is the financial pressure that places us in the biggest underdog position.

To achieve when others say it isn't possible, to believe so truly in oneself and to never give up on a goal, no matter how impossible it may seem- that is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Looking at the Giants last night and their remarkable accomplishment- knocking off a team that seemed to be destiny's darling, it reminded me that truly, anyone can succeed.

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