Monday, December 1, 2008


I was thinking today when I was driving about having people in your life who will always be there for you. I've known my best friend since I was 19 and to this day, I've never known anyone who I can laugh with as much as her- we laugh about the silliest things, things that other people would never laugh about- it is awesome. For the rest of my life, I will remember the day when she was just there for me. To this day, I don't think she knows how much it meant to me. It was my 21st birthday- I was going through very difficult personal times, my world had been turned upside down- it was very upsetting and chaotic times. I hadn't told her very much about it, I didn't really talk about it to anyone because it was too hard and complicated to discuss. So there it was- my 21st birthday- we had plans to meet and hang out in the afternoon, but I was running very late, at least a half hour. I was going to meet her by the 7th floor escalators at our school, I remember riding the escalators up and I didn't think she would be there- part of me was saying to myself that I shouldn't even bother going upstairs, because I was so late and there was no way she'd still be waiting. I got up the stairs and there she was- she wasn't mad, she didn't have an attitude- she was just herself. I wanted to hug her and cry, because I was so grateful that she had waited. Because of what was going on around me, I had felt so hurt and alone and this was the first time I realized that there are people who will be there for you even when you're late, when you're struggling and when you're at your lowest point. I think of that moment often, I've been thinking of it even more recently. It may not sound like very much when I retell it, but it was momentous for me.

So why am I sharing this story? Because I've been thinking of how important it is to have supportive people in one's life- people that will actually show up when you need them. It is easy for someone to say they like what you do and to wish you all the best, but when people actually help- when they actually make an effort- come to events, volunteer their time, bring other friends, buy a calendar- whatever they can do- it means so much. I only have a few people in my life that do that and I'm so grateful for them. I deal with a lot of unhelpful people, I meet a lot of flaky and unreliable people and a lot of people that say they are going to do something and never do it, say they want to help, but disappear when you actually ask for something, people that say they are going to call and never call- it is all part of the job. It is the most frustrating part of the job and it has made me less tolerant of unreliable people, but it has also made me more grateful for the people that really do make the effort- the people that I can count on.

So what's new today? Not a whole lot, I had an appointment that took up most of the day, so I didn't get a lot accomplished. Tomorrow, I am off to Worcester to pick up that missing gift certificate- yes, the same one that I just refunded the money on. I'm hoping that the winner may want to buy it back, if not, then I'll hold it for another event. The problem with that is that my next event out in my area isn't scheduled until next fall and the gift cert. expires next fall. So, I don't know what is going to happen with that. However, it is a lot better to have it in hand and then figure out what to do with it.

I also need to work on calendar sales- it is going pretty badly and work on grants and contacting new departments and following up with others. Remember that story I told last month about the person who asked me how we were going to survive the economic downturn and basically suggested that we wouldn't? Well, I found out that they recently lost their job- how ironic is that? Today, I had someone that I'm friendly with ask me if I was hiring. On her message she said she would even be interested in an internship in order to gain experience in this field- so that may be something that could work out well.

Well, it is after 1am. I'm not doing well with this bed before 1am thing- I went to bed at 2am last night. I'm feel really energized right now and there is a bunch of things that I want to do, but if I start, then I won't go to bed until 3am- which is fine except for the fact that I'll be a slug in the morning. I don't know how people manage going to bed early and waking up at 5am- I don't think I could ever do that. I love the night time anyways- love working when it is quiet, there is no pressure- it is great.

Anyways, enough on my love of the night time- it sounds a little vampire-ish. I'm off to write my list- I forgot to write it last night. I really want to work on my 2009 plan, but I still have so much to get done before 2008 ends, there really isn't time for that. Until tomorrow friends....

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