Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy 2010 friends! It's the start of a new decade. How exciting is that? These last 10 years- my entire twenties- have brought so many new and unusual things and many wonderful things, I never could have imagined what would have happened. I can only wonder what the next ten years will bring. I want to learn more this year, expand our program, expand our fundraising and become more efficient. I also want to be more assertive- both personally and professionally. Sometimes, it can be hard to ask for exactly what I need and this is something that I'm working to improve on.

Last week was supposed to be my vacation week and I had also intended to do more 2010 planning, but the vacation didn't happen because I was sick from Monday to Friday. I didn't feel back to my normal self until Sunday. So, needless to say- it was a pretty disappointing week and I'm still in need of an actual vacation! I was back at work today, but I had some personal issues to take care of and that cut into a big chunk of my day.

I've been thinking about what I wrote on my last post about letting hurtful words go in one ear and out the other- it's not so easy to do. Certain things are easier to forget and I have let go of some of the things that I heard recently. But, the pain from hurtful words lingers and it changes things. Sometimes, things happen and I realize how little I understand people- I don't understand why people say the things they do sometimes, how they can justify things with reasons that make no sense. Maybe, it doesn't matter that I don't understand. I wish that things could be fixed- I've always been the "fix it" kind of girl. Give me something that was broken, someone was that was broken and I'll try to make it right again. Give me a problem and I'll find a solution. It is a hard lesson to learn that some things can not be fixed and even harder that some things are not worth fixing. When one gets hurt badly, only a fool sticks around to get hurt again. I've made plenty of mistakes in life and I've let a lot of hurtful things go in the name of peace, but a fool I am not.

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