Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grant Slowness

Well, today will not go down into the record book as one of the most productive days. The biggest goal was to finish a grant that is due on Friday. It was a relatively simple grant, but for some reason, it took most of the day to write. I don't know what the problem was that it took so long. I haven't worked on grants for a couple of months, so I think my grant writing skills were rather rusty. I was annoyed with myself that it took so long and I was also getting stressed because I have to get moving with event planning for our two big events this fall- I've already started work, but I need to get moving with finding hosts for the date auction, sponsors for both events and auction items. There is more to do than that of course, but those are the things that need immediate attention. I know it seems like we have a while before those events, but it's not actually that long and things need to get moving. I thought I was going to get an energy boost tonight, but that hasn't happened and I think I might just head to bed. The good news is that the grant is done, it just needs to be proofed again before I print it out.

I'm sorry for not being more interesting tonight. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed because I feel so behind with work. There have been quite a few personal distractions lately and I'm trying my best to put them aside, but it can be hard to do sometimes. When I get overwhelmed, the most important thing is for me to go back to baby steps- write my list, follow the items on the list and take everything in small pieces- that is how I get things done. Too much focus on the big picture makes me overwhelmed and unproductive.

On that note, I'm going to eat a grapefruit and write my extensive list for tomorrow. Until next time friends...

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