Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Interview!

Well, the interview with Candy O'Terry at Magic 106.7 for her Exceptional Women show went great! She was so nice and I think I did a good job answering her questions. I love talking about Project Smile, so it's not like it's difficult. I also got to talk about mom as well, since she was the one who nominated me. It is funny- when I think about PS, I don't think about what we've achieved, but when I hear someone else talk about it, then it makes me stop and think that we have come along way and done good work. My voice held up thankfully. I still have a sore throat and not feeling all that great- I didn't go to the networking lunch today because I wanted to save my voice. I knew that if I went to networking, I would have to do a lot of talking and I didn't want my voice to be raspy for the radio. I didn't even make a lot of phone calls this morning because I didn't want to use my voice a lot. I was looking forward to the networking lunch, but the radio interview was very important, so I made the right choice. Candy has a special lunch in May for the women who were featured on her show, so I'm looking forward to that. Mom is going to come with me too. It seems like it's a pretty big event.

I was thinking recently about how important it is to pay attention to how the people around you treat others, because that is definitely the way they will treat you one day. I already knew that- having it heard it quite a few times, but I've really seen some sharp examples of that recently. The details don't really matter, but I would watch how they acted with other people and I always had a fear that I would end up being treated the same way and I was. I'm not writing about this to dwell on it, but it is a reminder in the future to really pay attention to how the people in your life treat those around them- both personally and professionally- because someday you will most likely be in their position.

Well friends, I'm off to eat a banana (not in the mood for grapefruit tonight!) and then to bed. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be back to full functioning. It will be a day of sponsors and auction items tomorrow. Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

Cat, congratulations again on the "exceptional women" thing, that's really awesome!
- Blake