Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Date Auction News

This was a roller coaster of a day- it started out on the downside- I had sent quite a few emails to sponsor's from last year's date auction and hadn't heard anything back. I was also working on trying to get a company that had sponsored a couple of years ago back for this year's date auction. They've had a lot of turnover, so all my old contacts are gone. I called today and got a total run around. I got off the phone and felt so discouraged. I decided to then email my contact at Sofft shoes to ask for their support again for the date auction. The shoe offer is such a huge part of our event, so I was really anxious to have them back on board. I never take anyone's sponsorship for granted. Thankfully, she emailed back just a short time later with good news- they are back to sponsor our date auction with the shoe donation. I am so happy and relieved. So there I was, my day went from lagging to an immediate improvement. We now have 2 big components of our date auction set. It is so great to have Sofft's support again. They are really generous with their donations and so easy to work with- it's wonderful. For those that aren't familiar with Sofft's involvement- they donate shoes for the date auction so that every guy being auctioned off comes with a pair of shoes for the lady with the winning bid. The woman gets to choose from 4 different styles and orders them in her size. It is a really unique promo, that not only encourages women to bid higher since they are getting a pair of beautiful shoes too, but it makes our event special.

It's funny how things happen- I've been stressing about things a lot lately, particularly in terms of raising the funds needed for us to grow on a larger scale. Even though I love Project Smile and can't imagine myself with a different job, there are times when I discouraged. Yesterday, I was feeling that way when I drove to Dudley to drop off stuffies. That afternoon, a lady came over to drop off stuffed animals that her moms group had collected. She told me that the son of one of the mothers in her group had an emergency trip to the hospital recently and the paramedics gave him one of our stuffed animals and it really meant a lot to the little boy. It feels so good to hear stories like that- to hear the feedback from when our items are used.

Anyways friends, I'm off to bed- I already ate my grapefruit! Until next time..

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