Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Updates

So what's new? Well, the meeting this morning with the potential date auction sponsor went well. They haven't committed to anything yet, but they did say they would be doing something. They said they will be getting back to me at the end of next week. I think we made a good connection. I would really like to have their involvement in the date auction, I think it would work out well for both sides. They were really interested in Project Smile and asked a lot of questions, I love talking about Project Smile, so that was fun. I'll keep you posted when I hear back from them- hopefully with good news!

There was a funny thing that happened today- a couple of weeks ago, I had called an organization that had donated a gift certificate for our silent auction last year. The woman who I spoke to last year was very nice and helpful. She donated a certificate and I had thanked her when I got it. I left her a message asking about a donation for this year's event and I faxed over a letter since most places need an official written request for their records. She called me back the next day and was very different than the nice woman that I spoke with the year before. She said she had looked up our request from last year and they had donated in October, so they wouldn't be donating again now. I explained to her that our event was in October of this year- that I was just trying to get an early start and she had sent the passes in the summer for last year's event. She said they wouldn't be donating this year and that I didn't need to fax anything over. By that time though, I had already sent the letter. I was pretty disappointed, but I was pleasant of course and thanked her for getting back to me. I didn't understand why she was so abrupt on the phone, especially since she was so pleasant last year. Anyways, I picked up my mail today and guess what I saw- a thick envelope from the same organization. I opened the envelope and inside was a gift certificate for our auction, along with a letter signed by the same woman. Needless to say, I was pretty surprised, especially since she was so adamant about not donating. I don't know what happened- maybe she changed her mind and decided to help us, maybe she made a mistake and sent them to us by accident (although the enclosed letter specified our event) or maybe an assistant was doing them for her and sent them out. All I know is that I'm glad we got them- it is a nice auction item. This was a first though- I've never had someone say no and then send an auction item. It is usually the other way around- say yes and never send it!

I did get a commitment for a new auction item donation today- it will be from a RI brewery. Brewery stuff is always a popular item. I'm going to be working on getting a lot of new items- I don't want our auction to get stale with a lot of the same items every year.

Anyways, that's it for tonight. I already ate my grapefruit while I watched one of my favorite shows- Real Housewives of NYC- love that show! I'm off to write my list and then bed. I went to bed earlier last night and it definitely made a difference today- I'm aiming for another one tonight. Until next time friends...

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