Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busy Day

Today was a good day- I had a million small things that needed attention and I got a lot accomplished. I worked on our date auction program, followed up with gift bag donors, reached out to sponsors to get their ads for the program, followed up with auction items, sent in website updates, contacted more potential bachelors for the date auction and did some more marketing work. In other good news, one of the guys that is in the police academy that I recruited bachelors from sent me an email asking if he and a friend could participate in the date auction. Of course! I've been working hard to get the remaining few guys that we need, so it is excellent when bachelors sign up on their own. I also spoke with a fire fighter who participated in another date auction last month and he seems interested in participating in ours, he needs to check his schedule. Our Pop Chips donation also arrived for the date auction gift bags. I need to contact Fed Ex tomorrow though- we are missing 3 boxes. I never would have counted the cases on my own, but the delivery man told me that label said there were supposed to be 18 cases, but he only had 15.

It is such a great feeling when things come together- the date auction is less than a month away, but I'm feeling confident. I'm anxious as always, but the good thing is that all the ground work has been done and things are coming together the way they need to. We've been selling tickets already which is a great sign.

Calendar proofing is ongoing. Lisa sent me a new version but it needs an adjustment to the new cover photo. I also need to spend more time proofing all the months and looking at the photos some more. That is a priority for tomorrow.

Well friends, that's it for tonight. I went to sleep a half hour earlier today and I think it really made a difference, I'm going to try that again tonight. I also had an extra cup of tea and ate lunch earlier and I think that helped with energy level today- it was really up there. I need every day to be like this! I'm going to read for a bit, eat some cherries and then bed. Until next time...

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