Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winding Down November

Well, here we are- the last night of November 2010. Honestly, I don't know where it went. It has been a good month though. I can't remember if I already shared the good news: the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation awarded us a $4,000 grant this month. We are doing the check presentation ceremony on Monday, we will do a photo with the giant check- that is always fun! We do our primary business banking with Rockland Trust. Tomorrow, I'm going to a local foundation grant awards dinner. I interviewed with them a couple of weeks ago and they invited us to their dinner- when you get invited, it is a good sign that you will be receiving a grant. It would be quite dreadful to be invited to the awards dinner and not get a grant! We're also waiting for the results from another grant- we have received this grant for the past couple of years, so hopefully that will continue too.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed- the year is almost over and there is still a lot that I wanted to get done before we start the new year- more police/fire departments to contact, more donations to request, calendars to sell, etc. It won't be long before I have to start working on our 2011 date auction and anniversary event.

Today, I had to take my car in for some work- I brought my laptop with me and spent 45 minutes catching up on email- it was great, I responded to a lot of emails. I didn't have the distractions of other work in front of me, so I focused on the emails. I wonder if that might be a solution- take my laptop into another room for 45 minutes every day and focus only on email.

What else is happening? Well, I am now going to be modeling in the fashion show at our Santa and Stilettos event next week. We had a girl who couldn't make it, so I offered to take her spot. I'm going to the dress store tomorrow to get fitted. That is one of the good things about being involved with an event- you can put yourself in the fashion show! It was a lot of fun modeling at the Hello Stiletto spring fashion and this is going to be a cool event, so I'm pretty excited to be strutting on the catwalk!

Well friends, that's it for tonight. I still haven't started my book, so I'm going to read for a few minutes and not eat anymore food. I stopped in Providence at my favorite Italian food store and bought delicious bread- I've been munching on crunchy bread, cheese and grapes for the past hour and need to stop! Until next time...

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