Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Hours Needed

Could we please add an extra hour into the day? This hour should ideally be between 12-1pm, because that is when I feel most productive. If it isn't possible to add an extra hour, then how about sending me over a personal assistant who will work full time and without a salary. Why do I feel like that isn't going to happen either?

So what's the latest? I have about a million things to work on and I feel very far behind. There are two new grants that I've started work on today. They are relatively simple, but still time consuming. I started work on them, but then I needed to take some time following up with auction item donors for the anniversary celebration and working on the date auction. I then went back to work on reaching out to people to be featured in our 2012 calendar. It takes a while to hear back from people which can get a little frustrating- in my perfect world, people would respond immediately! I've reached out to some new mother's groups in order to get more children featured. It is important that we keep broadening the calendar and getting new people involved. I didn't get back to the grant writing after I stopped to work on other things. I was going to work on it tonight, but I'm tired. It is hard some times when there is so much to get done.

Anyways, enough griping. I've also been going to bed way too late these last couple of nights. There is no legitimate reason for it- I'm not doing anything particularly productive during those late hours and I wake up feeling tired. Right now, it is 12:30 and my goal is to have the lights out in the next 20 minutes. I also need to write my list- it is going to be a lengthy one. Until tomorrow friends...

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