Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moving Along

So what's the latest and greatest? Well, today I had a meeting with a large event planning company in regards to an event that we want to do next summer in Boston. It was a very productive meeting. They are really excited about the event and they're going to get back to me with an official proposal. I would love to work with them, it will come down to cost. It needs to be something that we can afford to undertake. I wish I could go into more details about the event we want to do, it will be really awesome, but I want to wait until things actually get rolling.

What else is going on? I scheduled another donation of stuffed animals and other items to the Department of Children and Families for next Monday. I've been reaching out to other police/fire departments to make follow up donations. Yesterday, I did another calendar photo shoot. This one was with a group of twins- they were very cute. The pictures came out really well. I was pretty impressed with one of the little girls- she climbed the chain link fence surrounding the playground and dropped down onto the ground very nimbly. The fence wasn't very high, but it was still very cool to watch her scale the fence! I have some more photo shoots scheduled, but we still have a lot more to do. I also have more calendar ads that need to be taken care of. Calendar ads and scheduling photo shoots are a priority for tomorrow.

I've been working on grants as well. One more is almost done, but there are still a lot to work on. There is a Foundation grant that we applied for in March and we haven't heard anything back yet. They don't publish online when they make their grant decisions, hopefully we will get some good news soon. Two grants that I'm working on are due before the end of June.

Well, there is a lot more to update on, but I'm getting tired now. I did really well last night- I went to bed earlier and definitely had more energy this morning. I need to keep that going! I'm going to read for a bit, write my extensive list, eat some more blueberries and head to bed. Wish me luck for a very productive day tomorrow- there is so much that needs to be worked on. Until tomorrow friends..

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Chris Vrotsos said...

sending positive energy you way Catherine!