Friday, June 24, 2011


Well, things were moving along today. Remember last night I was writing about the good idea that I had for a potential calendar sponsor? I'm happy to announce that I spoke with the company today and they thought it was a good idea too! They committed to sponsoring a month in the calendar- they are a Cambridge ambulance company. We are going to do photos with some of their paramedics with their children for the calendar too. I'm glad that they are involved and we are one step closer to getting all our ads sold!

In other fabulous news- we got our first firefighters signed up for the date auction! I am so happy about that. I reached out to a fire fighter who had participated in a recent charity date auction and he agreed to do participate in ours and he recruited 3 other fire fighters to participate too! The fire fighters are a huge part of our event so it is great to get some commitments now. We signed up another girl today too. Things are moving along well. No more news about date auction sponsors, but I'm still working on it.

Both of my calendar photo shoots were rescheduled today because of rain- that was a little frustrating, but there is nothing we can do about it. One was moved to next Thursday and the other will be in July.

Well, those were the two big highlights for today that I wanted to share. I can't remember what else happened today- I'm getting tired. I want to be super productive tomorrow, so I'm going to bed early- well, it's already 12:25, if I can get to bed by 12:45 that will be an early night for me. I'm also trying to load photos onto FB from our Smiling Stiletto Shoe Club party tonight, but FB is loading pictures super slowly, so I might have to give up on that until tomorrow. Until next time friends...

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