Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So what's new? Well, one grant was mailed today. I finally stopped checking it. I'm almost done with the next one. It is a fairly simple grant. We haven't applied for support yet from this business. I'm a little stuck with one of the answers- it isn't even a complicated question, but I need to get the wording right. I think we fit in perfectly with their funding. The goal is to get the grant ready to be mailed tomorrow. There is another grant that I need to start working on immediately after that.

We got another sponsor back on board for our Anniversary sponsorship. We are doing pretty well with sponsorship for that. I wish things were moving at the same pace for the date auction. We got more commitments for gift certificates for the couples to use today. Tomorrow, I need to follow up with people who signed up for the date auction, but haven't submitted their info yet. I reached out to a potential sponsor again today. I had contacted them last month and was told to send the info to a person. I emailed her, but never heard back. I called today and was told to speak to someone else. I emailed her and left a message. Our event would be a perfect marketing opportunity for them. I will follow up with her next week if I don't hear back.

Tomorrow, I have 2 calendar photo shoots scheduled, both local. Hopefully, it won't rain- this summer has been a little dicey so far with the weather. I also need to work on calendar sponsors- I have some good ideas for people to contact about sponsoring. I hope they think it was a good idea too! I scheduled one more photo shoot today and spoke with another police department to reach out to officers who would like to participate. I have quite a few other departments that I have to follow up with again.

I worked on getting auction items for our Anniversary Celebration last night and today- it felt like it had been a little while since I had been contacting auction donors. It hasn't actually been a while- sometimes, my perception of time is so off. Yesterday, I went looking for an email which I could have sworn was sent to me early last week- it turned out it was sent on Monday! I did get some commitments for items which was good. I picked up a restaurant gift certificate on my way home tonight.

Well friends, there is a lot more to write about, but I am very tired. I went to bed super late again for the last two nights. I don't know why it is such a struggle to go to bed at a decent hour. Last night, I was feeling very motivated and did a good amount of work, but I feel so tired in the morning- it isn't good. It is almost midnight, so I need to stop and get ready for bed. I already had my watermelon, so there will be no more late snacking (and I had cheese and crackers and olives right before that too!). Until tomorrow...

I spent quite a

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