Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Polly Productive

So what's new? Well, I've been Polly Productive these last few days. I've been focusing on following up with police departments and reaching some new departments as well. I have 3 donations scheduled for Friday and two for next Tuesday. I'm waiting to hear back from a bunch of other departments to set up more donations. We've had a lot of stuffed animal donations come in lately so we will be using those ones on Friday. I stopped at Family Dollar in Framingham tonight to load up on coloring books. When I do my donations on Friday, I'll stop at some other Family Dollars and get more. I always clear out their inventory when I'm there. They have the best and cheapest coloring books that I've found. I do need to find a better supplier for coloring books. I tried going to the publisher of the ones that I get from Family Dollar, but haven't had any luck. I think it's about time that I try again.

I've been working hard on contacting new sponsors for the Date Auction. I emailed a lot of companies this week. I don't have any news to report, but hopefully I'll have some good news soon. I'll give them some time before I follow up. I've also been waiting to hear back from some other people- it is so hard when you're waiting to hear back from people. When you don't get any response, you don't even know if your email was received or if it is floating in that vast land of email abyss. There is a balance between following up and being annoying. I never want to be annoying, but it is really hard when it is important to get a response. I always try to put myself in the other person's shoes and give them plenty of time to respond before following up again. If people need more time to make a decision, it is so much better when they respond to let you know that they need more time- that way, I know that they got my email and I don't need to keep following up.

Anyways, tomorrow, I need to work on that big grant which is due in April- it is the same one that I've been talking about since January! Along with contacting more police departments to schedule donations, I need to work on getting gift certificates donated for our two big fall events and getting a speaker for our Anniversary Celebration. My goal is to work on a bit of everything every day, but things rarely ever end up like that. I get caught up on one or two tasks and spend most of the day on those instead of working on other things as well. I should use my timer again so I can remind myself to switch tasks.

I'm off to eat some leftover cake and strawberries- I'm craving something sweet. Until tomorrow friends...

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