Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rejection as a Motivator

So here we are- first full week of June. On Saturday, I found out that we did not get the $5,000 grant that I was hoping for. I knew as soon as I saw the envelope that it wasn't good news. When we received their last grant in 2008, they called with the happy news. It was disappointing of course, but one can't dwell on rejection. I was upset for a few minutes, but when I get bad news it is a big motivator to get back to work and be successful. Rejection can some times be a bigger motivator than success. Some times when things are going well, it can make you ease up a little and not work quite as hard, but when things are not going well or you get rejected it pushes you and increases that desire to win. We will succeed regardless of the people that choose not to support our work. Obviously, when we don't get funding from a particular source, the need is even greater to get that financial support from somewhere else. That rejection letter was so motivating on Saturday, that even though I was busy getting ready for a party, I spent some time online researching new grants that we could apply for. I deal with rejection daily in regards to fundraising and it has always been a motivator. That doesn't mean that it isn't frustrating and disappointing as well, but it means that my reaction is not to lose my motivation or wallow, but to work harder and achieve more- it brings out the fighter.

So needless to say, there was actual grant work getting done today. There are a bunch of grants that I need to work on, but I started with one that we last applied for in 2006 and did not receive funding. We fit well into their funding priorities and our program has expanded greatly since then, so I think it makes sense to reapply. Most of the grant is not that complicated, but there are some detailed financial questions that are rather time consuming.

In other news, we signed up another date auction bachelorette which is great. One of my other goals this week to recruit more bachelors/ettes. I also need to get more sponsors for both our big events. Tomorrow, I'm doing a donation to our 174th department- Millville PD. It is a small department rather close to us. It always feels great to reach a new department. I also need to buy some more coloring books- after this donation, our supply will be totally out. I was going to run to Family Dollar today to buy some, but I had so many other things to work on.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to eat watermelon and a juicy peach and write my list for tomorrow. Until tomorrow friends...

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