Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Happy Surprise

Well, today was a very good day. I finally emailed over the grant that I had been struggling with. Even though it was done on Friday, I still had some revising to do and put the attachments together. I felt invigorated after emailing the grant- it is always such a satisfying feeling when a grant is submitted. I zoomed down to the post office and there was an envelope from the same foundation which donated $10,000 to us in December. I opened it before I even left the post office. Inside was a grant for $5,000! You can only imagine how happy I was. I totally wasn't expecting this donation. When good things happen like this, it makes everything worthwhile. It feels like an angel is sitting on your shoulder, willing you along through the rough times. It has been difficult with getting things together for the calendar, working on the big events, grant writing- none of it comes easy and there are times when it looks like it won't come together. Now it feels like we are turning the corner and things are moving along in the right direction. This grant is another sign of the good things that are happening. To this foundation that has donated $15,000 to us now, thank you. Thank you for believing in our work as much as I do. I spend a lot of my time convincing other people to support our work, so when a Foundation chooses us without my asking- it is so very special.

In other news, our website home page has been retooled and looks great. It had been looking a little messy with all the additions over the years. I had been wanting to make some changes, but was concerned about the cost. Our website is one of the most important things we have, so it is a priority to keep it looking smart. Our web host suggested that we make some changes and the price was rather reasonable. He finished it last week and it looks awesome. You had to scroll down too much before to find out the main info about PS, that problem is gone now. Check it out when you have a chance and let me know what you think!  I also updated all the scrolling quotes from departments that we donate to. Our web designer also added a Press page which lists all the press we received along with the Channel 4 news clip and the radio interview with Candy O'Terry. I love the way everything looks.

 I spent this evening catching up on office work- updating some data base info, cleaning up, catching up on thank you notes. I still have more organizing to do, but progress is getting made. I'm going to do a bit more desk organizing now and then enjoy my day off tomorrow. Happy 4th July friends! Until next time...

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