Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moving Along

Well, today was one of those days where I started out with little motivation, but thankfully I picked up the pace and things moved along. Having a list is really helpful on days like this- it keeps you focused. So what's new? Well, I finally did some grant work on a large grant that is due in early April. It is a grant that we received in 2008, but were declined last year. The grant application is the same as last year and our program hasn't changed, so I'm not sure how to change the grant. I will add the latest letters of support from the departments that participate in the program, but considering our program hasn't changed, there isn't much that I can change in the grant. I was reviewing it today to see if there were things that could be improved on, but I was happy with the grant last year when I submitted it and I'm still happy with it this year. We fit perfectly into their funding priority. I don't know why we were declined last year, but hopefully they will support us this year.

I was working on following up with police departments that we've donated to in the past- I was mostly focusing on some smaller departments today. I spoke with a few departments that still had a good supply of items and left messages with a bunch of others. We donate to 180 departments, so there are always lot of phone calls to be made to follow up and see if more items are needed for children.

Our Date Auction sponsorship packet is now done. It is so important to keep reviewing things. I thought it was done, but then I took another look at it last week and realized it was missing a few things, so Lisa updated it again. I will start working on contacting financial sponsors next week. I've started researching potential sponsors and I've even started on contacting gift bag donors.

I was also working on obtaining new food vendors for the fashion show. We still have a few more spots to fill. I contacted a number of new restaurants today, so hopefully we will have some good news. It is a great event for a restaurant to participate in, particularly a new restaurant that wants to do some marketing.

Well friends, that's the latest for tonight. I'm off to eat some pineapple and yogurt- I've been off my nightly grapefruit routine lately! Until tomorrow friends...

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