Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Happenings

Greetings! Well, what's the latest? Today was a funny day- last night, I wrote my daily list, but I ended up doing things that were completely not on my list and left half on my actual list undone. The good thing was that it was a productive day, but I do need to keep on track with following my list. Things are actually pretty exciting right now because we're laying the foundation for the year. Our new Date Auction image looks great- I've posted the event on our FB page and we're working on getting it on our website. I've started work on recruiting hosts for the event. Our new Anniversary Celebration image looks wonderful. I may want to make one more change to it, I need to take another look at it in the morning.

In other news, we've booked our Step into Spring Fashion Show fundraiser at Copley Place- Thursday, April 25, 6:30pm. We're only going to be doing one fashion show this year at Copley. I started work today on obtaining a host and food/beverage vendors. I'm really excited for the show. They are a lot of fun and they're popular events.

Boston Event Guide invited us to be there charity partner again for their spring wine festival in April. We've held silent auctions at their wine fests for the past few years and it has always worked out great. They are having a beer festival the day after the wine fest this year and invited us to have an auction at that event too. It is great to be included in their events and especially to have an additional event to raise funds at that this spring.

There is so much else going on, but my little mind is going blank. I'm going to have my grapefruit and head to bed early. I was going to catch up on some emails tonight, but that will have to wait until tomorrow morning. Until tomorrow friends...

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